We’ve all been there; you take off your eyelashes and you’re left fighting for hours to get rid of residual eyelash glue. Let’s face it, getting false eyelashes off without a struggle feels like winning the lottery. Whether you’ve just started wearing false eyelashes or you’re a seasoned pro, I can assure you that eyelash glue is everyone’s problem.

Thankfully though, sometime three years ago, I developed a foolproof way to remove my eyelashes and glue. This has meant there has been no more picking away at leftover eyelash glue, no more sticky eyes in bed and no more poking and pulling with sharp objects for me. I want to share my secret three-step approach with you.

Step 1 – Get Hot and Steamy

Okay, I’ve used both professional lashes and the kind you can buy at the pharmacy. And, each has its own first removal step.


Take a warm, wet microfiber towel and put it on your face. Next, slowly press down over your eye area. This should be done around five times. You’ll start to notice that your lashes begin to lift off. When enough of the glue has loosened you should be able to gently lift the lashes off.


Remember, you never want to completely submerge your lashes in water. For professional lashes, always use a warm damp cotton pad. Gently dab it over your eyes to loosen the glue. Lift your lashes off from the outermost edge towards the bridge of your nose.

Step 2 – Makeup remover

Clean your removed lashes and set them aside for the next wear. If you missed my post on lash care, catch it here. Using a cotton pad gently apply makeup remover to your eyes. Remember you should be dabbing and not rubbing your eyes to remove any excess makeup.

Step 3 – Oils

There are two types of oils you can safely use on your eyes to remove any glue, which may still be there. Extra virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, both are hydrating and have conditioning properties to help care for your eyelashes and skin. Simply dip a cotton pad into your chosen oil and apply to your eye area. In no time the oil would work to remove any lingering eyelash glue.

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