Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

How does it work:

SHR or Super Hair Removal is a relatively newer technology which uses gentle pulses with a high frequency. This laser hair removal technology allows the skin to be heated gently, but with the rapid pulses, the energy is then accumulated by the skin. While 50% of the energy is targeted at the melanin (similar to IPL), the other 50% targets the stem cells responsible for hair production, which is a very important point to note as SHR thereby targets both fine and coarse hairs. Ultimately, it leads to an improved efficacy with less discomfort and pain.

The Diode Laser hair removal system involves a beam of concentrated light that is directed into hair follicles and the melanin contained in them. The pigment absorbs the laser energy, raising its temperature and is destroyed thereafter to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. While the surrounding skin hardly absorb the energy and is protected from harm simultaneously.

Treatments are done over a course of more or less 6 – 8 sessions every 4 – 6 weeks. Thereafter maintenance as needed. Suitable for all skin types.

What to expect:

During your treatment the laser feels like a tiny rubber band snapping against your skin when the light penetrates through the hair. You may also experience mild discomfort after the procedure, such as redness and irritation similar to a mild sunburn.