What you wear speaks volumes about who you are. It also tells people how they should treat you. Whether we like it or not, our clothing choices play an important role in how others see us. And, that means your clothes have a personality. Think about it, you head out to a meeting with the bosses so you put on a power suit. You go for drinks with the girls and you go for something elegant and yet a little cheeky.

Everything you choose to wear can bring out your personality. This starts from the moment you choose to buy specific clothing pieces. When you buy a piece of clothing you decide what you will wear it with, when you will wear it and how it will bring out the best in who you are. These are all choices we make subconsciously.

Let me decode four styles to help you understand how clothes can bring out the best in you:


Do you prefer gym leggings over jeans? Would you rather choose trainers over heels? Then you absolutely fall into the sporty side of style. You choose a style that can be effortlessly merged between the gym, fetching the children, going shopping and making the most out of your day. You are a busy person and the look you chose needs to fit in with your lifestyle. You also like being outdoors and can pack for a weekend away in a heartbeat. You are adventurous, easy-going and yet focused. You work well in leadership roles.


You love girly things. You would rather wear a dress than jeans. You like soft colours with lace and ruffles. You are a hopeless romantic and would rather spend the night watching movies on the couch than go out for dinner. Dresses and shirts are your first choice when buying clothes. You’re a lady and you like to be treated as one. You are thoughtful and composed and you have an eye for detail. You love art and all things beautiful.

City Chick

You are a personification of the girl next door. You have a no-frills approach to things. You like things simple both at work and at home. You’d rather be wearing jeans and a top than a cute summer dress. Your style is clean but when needed you can pair that casual look with a pair of heels and knock the socks off at a business meeting. You love neutral colours but that doesn’t mean that you’re dull. You can be the life of the party and prefer less drama. You are kind, reliable and fun.


You were made to stand out of the crowd and your clothes say nothing less. You love prints, colours and those stunning designer shoes. You are not afraid to flaunt your individuality as though you were born to stand out. You ooze confidence. Everyone around you knows that you pack quite a roar and you will use it when necessary. You are charismatic, artistic, well-spoken and confident.

Are you intrigued? Do you know where you fit in? Contact me today for a completely online adventure into the world of style personalities and how to use them. Discover your message you are showing the world by what you are wearing and if that is congruent with who you are, or who you want to be. It is also a great opportunity if you wish to change your style personality or give it a facelift.