Did you know that you have a style personality? And, that your style personality is greatly influenced by your style taste, your budget and your lifestyle? Think about the clothes they wear most often, think about the clothing items which are consistent in their wardrobes. Because that is your personality through style.

Finding your style personality means that you have found a look that would suit your body shape. It means finding the look that fits into your lifestyle and makes you feel confident in what you are doing. When looking at your style personality there are a number of factors we need to think about. And, in the end, depending on your personal taste as well as your lifestyle, the look that would suit your personality could be edgy, fancy, crisp, casual or even outrageous.

Style Personality that reflects

Yes, it’s alright to admire the style another person has, but in all truth, that style might not be altogether suited for you. That is why it is so important that you find your own style personality. Remember, the wardrobe you create needs to work for you; it needs to reflect who you are and it needs to be what makes you comfortable.

I always tell my clients that they don’t have to be dressing to the nines in the latest fashion to be stylish. Style is comfortable. It makes you feel confident. Style is a reflection of who you are. Remember, what you wear everyday needs to work for you and it needs to fit into your lifestyle.

Style Personality – Six of the Best

Consultants and coaches often break style personalities into six main categories. You absolutely do not have to fit into any of these, or you may just fit into more than one. What these six categories do is they more clearly define looks in order to accurately match a person with a personality through styling. It’s also perfectly alright to have characteristics of more than three of these.


The classic style personality is timeless. This look is all business. You are in control at all times. Classic is made up of flattering shapes and solid colours. These can be mixed and matched for any occasion.


This style personality is more relaxed, not fussed and casual. Natural shows that you are comfortable with who you are and you love it. It goes great with a messy bun and minimal makeup. It’s perfect for the outdoorsy person.


The European Personality is elegant, cosmopolitan and very sophisticated. It is unmistakable and features quality clothing pieces.


There is nothing ordinary about the dramatic style personality. Everything is always intense. Colours are bright and the patterns are unmissable. The Dramatic personality is exciting and bold.


Bohemian perhaps or unconventional the creative style personality can easily stand on its own. You have creative flare.


Dresses and bows and all things pretty. The romantic personality is not afraid to show off a girly side. Those that fall in this range have an exceptional eye for details and use their feminine allure to impress.

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Are you intrigued? Do you know where you fit in? Contact me today for a completely online adventure into the world of style personalities and how to use them. Discover the message you are showing the world through what you are wearing and if that is congruent with who you are, or who you want to be. It is also a great opportunity if you wish to change your style personality or give it a facelift.