Autumn colours are elegant and scream sophistication. The colours that make up the autumn colour palette are warm, muted and blended. Autumn colours are often heavy if not worn right. But, when pulled off properly create a look which is classy and elegant. If you fall into this category, you need to know that the complementary colour palettes will be warm, soft and deep.

The autumn colour palette is all about being natural and re-creating natural colours. Here’s a quick guide to your features and the autumn:


You are likely to have darker hair in either brown or black shades. Your hair may be deep and warm and naturally coloured.


Your eyes tell a story of warmth and passion. You are likely to have deep green or golden eye often with bright yellow flecks. There would also be a contrast between your eye, your skin and hair colour making your eyes even more striking.


You may have a golden beige skin tone with light to dark copper undertones. This combination means that your skin will also look fair when compared to your hair colour.

The Autumn Palette Guide

Soft Autumn Palette

If you fall in this category you will notice that your brown hair will be muted or red hair has a subtle golden shine to it. Your skin would be olive or light brown and it would perfectly compliment your green, light brown or hazel eye colouring. There would be little contrast between your hair and your skin tone. You need to look for soft colours to compliment your skin tone.

Warm Autumn Palette

Your medium brown skin and dark golden hair combination is the perfect match for your eye colour in light brown, green or hazel. Falling in this pallet range means that you can take advantage of your deeper warm colouring by wearing deeper warm colour tones. Look for clothing in warm colours and try to stay away from pastels. Brown base colours are your best friend as are dusty shades.

Deep Autumn Palette

Your undertones from your hair to your skin glimmer with gold. Your hair would likely be on the darker scale and feature a strong golden shine. You are likely to have dark brown and ivory skin tones with, particularly warm undertones. Your eyes are deep shades of blue, green or gold. Always keep an eye out for the darker colour shade for your season as these will complement the golden glow of your skin.

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