Who doesn’t love summer? The summer palette is particularly pretty featuring dreamy soft shades.

The complementary colour palettes for the summer analysis are cool, light and soft and if you fall in this category you need to look for colours that are cool, light and soft. Elegance in the colours you choose is important.

You can create balance in the colours you wear by pairing your clothing colour choice with the makeup you choose. Here’s a quick guide to your features and the summer palette:


Your hair would have an ashy undertone, or light blonde, brown blonde or multi-coloured.


You are likely to have light eye colours including blue, grey and green. You might even have a light hazel eye colour with a darker rim circling the iris.


You will probably have an ivory to medium beige tone to your skin with a cool undertone. This combination means that your skin will appear to have a blush pink tone.

Pro Tip – When selecting makeup always stay clear of true beige shades and opt for something with a slight pink undertone.

The Summer Palette Guide

Light Summer Palette

Your light ash hair tones perfectly match the neutral undertone of your skin. This works in harmony with your green or blue eyes. When choosing colours you need to stick to lighter colour shades. Lighter colours will bring out the undertones in your skin and make your eyes pop with colour.

Soft Summer Palette

If you fall in the soft summer pallet range you probably have light brown hair with a medium beige and neutral skin undertone. Your eyes are possibly on the greyscale but could also be hazel or blue. There will be very little contrast between your skin tone and your hair. Dressing for the soft summer palette means that you can wear almost anything; you are a clothing chameleon. Having said this, soft and muted colours tend to be the most flattering.

Cool Summer Palette

Your stunning cool skin undertones can range from medium beige to light beige if you fall in the cool summer analysis. This perfectly accompanies your medium to darker multi-coloured hair tones and your blue/green or grey eye colour. If you do fall into this category you can wear darker cool colours.

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