If your colour analysis reveals that you fall in the spring palette you are best suited for bright and fresh colours. The spring colour palette is the most vivid of the seasons. The fresh and bright palette available for spring is like a breath of fresh air. The three sub-colour categories for the spring palette are warm, clear and light. The spring colour palette will have the same characteristics as the solid spring palette and this means mixing colours in this rage create harmony.

It’s important to remember that wearing colours that naturally enhance the undertones of your skin and eyes will make your natural beauty blossom. Here’s a quick guide to your features and the spring palette:


Your hair will be naturally light with a distinctive golden undertone. Your hair may also feature elements of strawberry or red. On the other end of the spectrum, you might have light a light chestnut hair colour.


You have strikingly bright eyes. In fact, it is one of the clearest characteristics of your colour palette analysis. You probably have a bright blue or turquoise eye colour which features specks of yellow. Your eyes might also be darker around the edges.


You have warm undertones to your skin. You will be fair will a golden beige tone.

The Spring Palette Guide

Light Spring Pallet

If you fall in the Light Spring palette range you are likely to have golden brown, strawberry blonde or golden blonde hair paired with fair skin. Your skin will have distinctive light pink or peach undertones. Your light hazel, blue or green eyes are always bright and often one of the first things people notice. Remember that light seasons including spring pair light hair and light skin tones. When choosing colours to wear; you should always opt for lighter tones over darker ones. Light colours will compliment your skin tone while wearing dark colours could be overwhelming.

Pro Tip: Light colours are diluted with white while muted colours are darker than the original colour.

Clear Spring Pallet

Those who fall in the clear spring category can have dark brown or golden blonde hair and they will have ivory and golden skin undertones. They will also have light brown, blue or green eyes. When you fall into a clear spring season you will have higher contrast in between your eye and hair colour and the undertones of your skin. When choosing clothing for clear spring, remember to opt for clear colours; these include yellow and pink.

Warm Spring Pallet

Your warm spring colour palette means that your hair colour falls on the darker end of the scale. You may have copper tones in your hair, warm beige or a warm brown skin tone.  One of the most common eye colours for warm spring is hazel and dark green but you could also have darker blue or light brown eyes. You need to look for clothes that are muted, but not dark. Your colour choices should always be on the warm side of the colour wheel and should feature brown undertones.

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