The winter palette is arguably the most striking of the seasonal colours. The colours which make up this seasonal colour pallet are icy, strong, bold and clear. There are three complementary colour palette which make up the winter palette; Deep, Clear and Cool. If you are winter season colour pallet you will have a blue undertone to your skin.

The three winter complimentary palettes ensure that each person has varying quantities of clear, cool or deep colour elements. Here’s a quick guide to your features and the winter palette:


You have a strong hair colour in the dark to mid-dark range possibly even black. The intensity of your hair colour supports the intensity of the colour palette.


You have a cool skin tone and tend to be quite fair often with blue and light pink undertones. Alternatively, you will have an olive or deep brown to black skin tone.


You have strongly coloured eyes. But you need to know that your cool wintery eyes are not always obvious. Look for the colour mixes in your eyes; blue/grey and grey/brown eyes are strong winter palette shades. The more subtle ones are blue/green mixes, green and grey mixes as well as brown and black mixes. If you are a winter palette toned person you will also have strong and defined eyebrows that provide a contrast to your skin.

The Winter Palette Guide

Cool Winter Palette

If you have a cool winter tone, your hair will most likely be deep shades of brown. You may also have black hair with a blue undertone. Your skin will have a blue undertone or you may be olive-skinned. Your eyes would be grey, or blue.  Try to experiment with colours on the darker end of the scale but stay away from warm shades.

Clear Winter Palette

Clear winter means your hair is darker and your eyes are bright blue or green. You’ll have an olive skin complexion or strongly feature blue undertones. You’ll find that you have a more clear contrast in your skin tone when compared to your eye and hair colour. This could be dark hair with a fair complexion and bright green eyes. You may also be a clear winter if your blonde hair is particularly light.

When choosing the right colours for your wardrobe, you need to look at true colours. True blue or red are great examples. If you want to go for a certain colour it needs to be the brightest and most true version of that specific colour.

Deep Winter Palette

Those who fall in the deep winter range will most likely have medium to dark hair colours including black with olive skin tone or feature dark blue undertones. Their eyes will vary between dark brown shades and black. For the best colour match look at deep colour shades, in fact, the deeper the colour; the better the match. This includes wine reds and navy blues.

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