Did you know that you have a seasonal colour? That’s right; everyone has a specific colour season. Your colour season is determined during an in-depth colour analysis. We refer to seasons because many of the colours we see every day are already widely associated with different seasons. When you think about white, you associate it with winter snow cover. Similarly, we associate summer with bright greens and soft pastel colours with spring. And, deep browns and reds are best associated with autumn.

While each colour season has its main colours; we can also go deeper into a colour analysis by looking at a number of sub-colours which fall into these seasons. These are the complimentary season colours. These complementary colours are described as cool, clear, deep, light, warm or soft and this will tell you if the complementary colour is vivid or whether it’s more muted. This will also help you choose the perfect colours and sub-colours for your wardrobe. Your colour season will perfectly match and complement your skin tone.

Dressing in the colours of your season will be flattering. While you can wear any colours in your season, for the best results try to stay with colours which fall into your complementary colour season too. There are really no rules, you are the one choosing your clothes, and you need to know that it’s perfectly alright to experiment with colours which don’t traditionally fall in your season or complementary season.

Discover Your Complimentary Seasonal Colour

Discovering which colour season you fall into is really only the start to finding your personalised colour pallet. Always remember that many different colour shades which may not fall in your season have undertones which may very well complement your colour season.

In the colour science segment of my previous posts, I detailed the versatility of colours and how to wear specific colours. Many of us go through life simply picking out the first best thing we see in the shops. You might have done the same in the past, I know I did. If you did this, then you’re probably sitting with an entire wardrobe of mismatched pieces and nowhere to wear them.

While you have an entire closet full of colourful clothes you might also find yourself reaching for the same things over and over. This is because some colours and undertones tend to suit you better than others. I love purples and reds but I very seldom wear them. I also only like certain shades of these colours.

A Quick Colour Season Test

When we look at a colour analysis, there are three things we need to take into consideration to find your seasonal colour. These are your hair colour, your eye colour and the colour of your skin tone. Your complimentary colour pallet will be determined by how dark or light each of these are. When you choose to buy clothing that falls within your season, you buy clothes that flatter your features.

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