Colour Analysis

Uplift your spirts through the power of colour and learn which colours suit you best. Know how to wear your best colours and how to mix and match your items to bring harmony to your entire outfit.

There are so much more behind colour then what the eye meets. I’m excited to explain the psychological meaning of colour and how the colours you choose to wear has an impact on your mood and those around you, without saying one word. Feel more energetic and confident by wearing the right colours and be positively influential on those around you.

Your colour consultation entails:

  • A one-on-one in person or online consultation with me.
  • Performing a personal colour analysis on your physical appearances.
  • Together we will determine which colours suit you best and which tones and shades compliments you physically.
  • Discover which hair colours and make-up colours compliments you.
  • Learn how to use colours to your advantage and as tools to be perceived as the person you want to be and enhance the different roles you want to play in your environments.
  • After our consultation, you will receive the slides on colour psychology that you can refer to whenever you need.
  • Your consultation includes a digital high resolution colour swatch showing all your best colours which will guide you when buying your next items. You can access your colour swatch from your phone at any time.

I’m looking forward to experiencing your colour journey with you!