Style Journey

During this fun consultation we’ll determine your current style personality and discuss the story you want to share with others through what you are wearing.

Style personality is what you “say” about yourself without speaking a word and is purely based on what you wear. Discover what your message is that you are showing the world and if that is congruent with who you are, or who you want to be.

This consultation is inspirational for the client who needs an assessment of their style, their image, and the way they peruse themselves. It will give you guidelines on how to dress to compliment your style personality, your figure as well as your lifestyle. It is also a great opportunity if you wish to change your style personality or give it a face-lift.

Your Style Journey includes the following:

  • A one-on-one in person or online consultation with me.
  • Together we’ll determine your unique style personality.
  • Learn how to dress to enrich the person you are or want to become. Get valuable insight on what items to wear to project the image that you desire.
  • Learn which styles, cuts, and textures suites your unique body shape and lifestyle.
  • What to wear that will flatter your figure and learn how to manipulate any “body issues” you might have by wearing the right clothes.
  • Tips on how to put together outfits for the type of role you play at work, home and in a social environment.
  • Discover who you want to be or be perceived as. Do you wish to adopt a different style personality or give your current style personality a facelift?
  • Advice and examples on new items that will add value to your current wardrobe that is practical to your requirements and lifestyle.

Get the confidence you deserve and embrace your unique beauty through having fun with clothes, accessories and different styles that will suit your every need.

I’m looking forward to experiencing your style transformation with you!