Congratulations, your expertly crafted CV has landed you a job interview with your dream company. But, before you sit down for your interview there are a few things you need to do to make sure you are ready. Firstly, you need to research the company. Jot down a few questions they are likely to ask you and rehearse the answers you will give. Next, you will want to critically think about your wardrobe choice for the day.

I always tell my clients that in an ideal world we would not be judged on what we wear but on the skills we possess. Sadly, this is not the case. From the moment you enter that interview room, you will be in the spotlight. Everything you do and everything you say will be taken note of and this will include the way you are dressed. When you step into your interview, you want to make the best possible impression and I’m here to help you make that a reality.

Here are my top tips for dressing for your job interview:

Plan Ahead

It is very likely that you will not be called to an interview immediately. This is great because you will have time to plan your wardrobe choice for the day. This will also give you room to avoid any possible wardrobe malfunctions before they happen. Imagine putting an outfit together on the morning of your interview and realising it has a stain, is missing a button or it no longer fits you. I always advise outfit preparation ahead of the time because it will also allow you to relax a little more on the day of your interview.

Research the Company

Before deciding what you will be wearing for your interview it is essential that you research the company. Will your potential job placement be in a corporate environment or will the atmosphere be one which is a little more relaxed? If you are going for a job interview at a law firm you might not want to arrive in jeans and a shirt. For formal corporate environments, you need to think tailored suits, dresses, dress suits and blazers. If the position you are vying for is based in the creative field you can opt for something a little more casual with a smart elegant twist.

Be Cautious

One of the best pieces of advice I share with my clients when they are not sure what to wear is that making an impression takes just seconds. Rather be overdressed for an interview than underdressed. Dressing formal in a casual environment will only mean that you put in the extra effort. This will also show the interviewer that you were keen to make a positive impression. If, on the other hand, you arrive underdressed you might come across as ill-prepared and uncaring.

Be comfortable

Above all else, you need to make sure that you are comfortable in the outfit you have chosen. You do not have to wear sky-high heels if you are not comfortable wearing them. The last thing you want is to be distracted by thinking that you might fall over at any time. Comfort is not limited to shoes alone, it also applies to your choice of outfit for the day. You might not realise this, but if you are uncomfortable, the interviewer will be able to pick it up.

Makeup, Jewellery, and Colours

While I love to add colour to outfits, I’m also a firm believer in being understated and professional for interviews. Bright colours can be distracting for the interviewer. When you talk during your interview you want those who are listening to take in everything you say and not be taken aback by the bright colours you are wearing. For more guidance on wearing colour, check out my post about the psychology behind colours.

Let me help you find the perfect outfit for your interview. Book a fashionably unique and empowering one-on-one style consult with me and let’s get you ready for that all-important job interview today.