Smart Casual dress codes are notoriously confusing, but there really is no need to panic. I’ll help you de-code this #DressCode and hopefully shed some light on your unanswered questions. I also have a few handy dressing tips for you to follow which will help you pull off smart casual at any time.

Before we get started, it is important to understand what smart casual actually is. Technically, smart casual calls for pulling off a perfectly polished look which comes across as relaxed. To perfectly pull off smart-casual you need to find balance. A balance between colours, a balance between accessories and a balance between smart and casual. This means that when you are out shopping for your perfect smart casual outfit, you need to find pieces which while appearing elegant provide an element of comfort.

It is important to note that the elegant yet comfortable attire associated with smart casual can easily be confused with the business casual #DressCode. Wait, don’t panic. There are a number of similarities between business casual and smart casual. The one distinct difference between the two, however, is that while smart casual requires you to be more fashionable business casual calls for a more conservative look. Smart casual can be regarded as the standard dress code for functions, dinners, and events.

Dinner time smart casual

The best way to pull off smart casual at a dinner function is to mix it up. Pair a classic item with something a little more contemporary. Try a classic pair of black pants with a fashionable off the shoulder top. Or a classic skirt paired with a floral top.

Wedding vibes

The key to pulling off smart casual attire at a wedding is not to be under or overdressed. This is what makes it tricky. A fashionably chic dress which sits and falls comfortably can be paired with kitten heels and a few understated accessories. Classic black pants with a light, flowing top or a jumpsuit are also winners.

In the office

The days of formal office attire are long past, instead, more and more office environments are opting to go for the comfort and style of the smart casual #DressCode. Business casual is restrictive. Smart casual is a little more versatile. Smart casual in the workplace allows employees to put their own stylish flair to their professional appearance. A low-key suit with a splash of colour will always turn heads. Alternatively, a nice skirt, simple top with and fine accessory is perfect.

Out for the day #DressCode

Whether a business lunch or high tea with the girls every woman needs a smart casual outfit for daytime events. The beauty of daytime events is that they offer you a lot more flexibility than events such as weddings or business environments. To perfectly pull of daytime smart casual pair together with a nice top with a pair of stylish pants. Alternatively, a well-fitted midi skirt with a stylish top and a light jersey works beautifully.

Let me help you put together the perfect smart casual wardrobe for every occasion. Contrary to popular beliefs you do not need 16 new outfits. Just a few perfectly chosen outfits will uplift your wardrobe completely. Book an exciting one-on-one consult with me today.