I’ve previously touched on decoding the sometimes confusing smart casual dress code. Today, I’m going to go into a little more detail by discussing individual clothing items and how you can make them fit into a smart casual event. It’s important to remember that smart casual outfits are built one clothing piece at a time. By following my simple, no fuss rules you’ll have smart casual nailed in no time at all.

To recap a little, to perfectly pull of smart casual attire you need to look polished and elegant but yet comfortable. You need to make sure that the look you are going for is customised for the event you are attending. For this post I’ll be breaking down possible outfit choices which fall in the smart casual code:

The Dress

The most important thing to remember is that the dress you chose for a smart casual event needs to be appropriate. Your best choice will be a classic wrap dress in a neutral colour. The idea of wearing a dress to a smart casual event means that you should not be showing too much. Maxi dresses should feature elegant designs but not be overpowering.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

The Jeans

Jeans are an acceptable substitute for classically tailored pants. Elevating your casual jeans to smart casual requires work. You need to make sure that you pair them with the perfect items. I suggest choosing dark skinny jeans and pairing them with a classy shirt and a blazer. Your jeans should not be torn. Wearing heels with your jeans is a great way to give your look a smart boost.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

The Smart Casual Top

When it comes to finding a smart casual top, you’ll be happy to know that you’re spoilt for choice. In the summer months opt for white or light coloured shirts with buttons and minimal embellishments. In the cooler months, you’ll need to pick tops with long sleeves. Pair your shirt with a tailored pair of pants or a nice skirt in neutral shades.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

The Shorts

Yes, it is entirely possible to wear a pair of shorts to a smart casual event. I’m not talking your daisy dukes or that pair you last wore to the beach. You need to make sure that if you’re opting for shorts they are tailored. These might be a little harder to come by but they are a worthy investment.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

The Smartly Casual Jacket

You can never go wrong with a sophisticated jacket in your closest. Your jacket has the ability to turn almost any outfit into smart casual attire. A classic blazer will always be a smart choice but you also need to know that it is not your only option. Sleeveless blazers are growing in popularity and I personally could not be happier. They offer an elegant chic twist to your outfit.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

The Bag

One of the best ways to really make your smart casual outfit stand out is with the use of accessories. This means that when choosing your outfit you simply cannot miss out on the chance to pick out the right bag. When you chose your handbag you want to make sure that it matches your ensemble perfectly whether it’s a clutch or tote bag. The best advice I can offer is to leave your work bag and backpack at home.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

The Shoes

Your shoes are one of the most integral parts of your smart-casual look. Because of this, it is important to always pick the right pair of shoes for your outfit. Always be sure that your shoes are appropriate for the occasion. You need to avoid coming across as overly formal or too casual. The shoes you pick out need to also be practical. A great choice is and will always be kitten heels and block heels.

The Essentials of Smart Casual

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