Business Dress Codes are notoriously difficult. Aside from office formal or semi-formal, you also have to think about events, lunches, cocktail evenings and award ceremonies. Finding the right outfit can be daunting. I’ve recently experimented with a few classic business examples to find the right wardrobe choices for the business environment.

Here are four examples of business dress codes and how you can best prepare for them:

Business Formal

In most corporate environments you’ll be required to wear business formal attire. If you work in an environment which allows you to wear smart casual clothing, then you will most likely be required to dress in business formal when attending company events, conferences, and lunches. Essentially, business formal is just a polished and dressed up version of business casual or smart casual. The easiest way to achieve the perfect business formal look is a perfectly tailored pantsuit paired with heels. Or, the very trusty Little Black Dress paired with a fitted blazer and matching purse. Always try to keep colours neutral for these events.

Black Tie

The dreaded Black Tie event is enough to send most people running for the hills. This need not be the case. While the term has been confusing for several years, I’m here to set your minds at ease. Black Tie events are strictly for men and require them to wear suits and ties. Women, on the other hand, have it a little easier. The perfect dress for a Black Tie event is a floor-length dress. Elegant cocktail dresses could also work, but a flowing evening dress simply elevates your overall look. Always try to pick a colour which is suited to the event and that compliments your skin tone and colouring.

Creative Black Tie

This is by far the most fun you can have with a formal dress code. If you faced with a Creative Black Tie you need to think of contemporary. Think of adding a more fashion-forward approach to your dress for the night. The Creative Black Tie events allow you to experiment with the Avant-Garde side of formal evening wear. Try experimenting with fabrics and shapes. Try to be unique in your evening wear creations. You are likely to encounter this specific dress code for awards evenings or themed parties and always make sure that you have fun with it.

White Tie

When we think of formal dress codes we think of Black Tie. But, what you may not know is that Black Tie is not the highest dress code level. The highest slot on the dress code rung, in fact, belongs to White Tie. To perfectly pull off, White Tie you need to be ready to dress to the nine, from head to toe. There is no getting away with cocktail dresses here. You absolutely need to get a ball gown. White Tie events are glamourous with absolutely no exception. In its traditional sense, White Tie requires women attending to wear long gloves. Gloves should be kept on while dancing and drinking and may be removed during dinner.

Let me help you find the perfect outfit for your formal occasion. Contact me today for a one-on-one consultation which will leave you dressed to impress and feeling motivated to take on any event.