In the last segment, I focussed on cocktail attire events and how to decide what to wear for them. I took a look at the important aspects to consider when heading out to the event. These aspects would affect the way in which you are dressed for the event. They included the venue, the host, the weather and the country. Today, I’ll help you through the basics of dressing for a cocktail event to help you absolutely rock the party.

Cocktail attire for women usually means semi-formal, unless it is otherwise stated on the invitation. And, as I’ve previously discussed, the perfect semi-formal dress is a knee-length dress. But, for cocktail attire both shorter and longer variants are acceptable. When looking at the dress cut, you need to remember that the events could be considered more formal than semi so it would be a great idea to skip the low-cut necklines.

The Style and Fabric

When choosing the right dress for your next cocktail function you should know that you have the freedom to experiment with various colours and fabrics. You are not restricted to wearing a black dress. If you are going to be a little more experimental, then it is suggested you play around with bold colours which flatter your skin tone. The same can be said for your fabric choices. Try on that silk dress, or how about a sequenced one?

The Pantsuit

If you’d rather not wear a dress to the event, why not head along the lines of a classic pantsuit? I cannot remember when last the pantsuit was not in fashion. Pantsuits are perfect if you’re attending an event with many people you do not know. You’ll be comfortable the whole night and you’ll show off your unique elegance. Pantsuits are available in various designs and colours which ensures that you’ll find the perfect one for your unique body shape.

The Shoes

The shoes you choose to wear are incredibly important. A pair of understated pumps are great for wearing with both dresses and a pantsuit. Alternatively, you could opt for something a little more eye-catching and pair your outfit with some stilettos. If you cannot wear heels then flats are also an option. But, be sure to add a little flair to your outfit by choosing a pair which features delicate embellishments or details.

The Clutch

You can never do wrong with choosing a clutch bag to go with your cocktail outfit. The right handbag will completely transform your outfit. If you are not sure about a bag colour choices always stick to classically black or nude shades. Similarly, accessories can bring an added element of wow to your cocktail outfit. Be careful not to over-do your accessories. Always choose just one area on your body to accentuate with accessories.

The Underwear

While no one would see your underwear, you need to make sure that you have selected the right undergarment for your outfit. Bras should not be seen under the outfit and the same goes for panties. Always make sure that you have a special set of underwear around for wearing with cocktail attire. The ideal set would be seamless. Adhesive bras are also a must.

Let me help you find the right cocktail outfit for your next event. Book a fun one-on-one consultation with me today and we’ll get you looking and feeling your best at your next event.