In a previous post, I touched on finding your skin tone. I looked at how you can find out which is your skin tone through a simple home test. Since then, I have been inundated with questions on how best to dress for your skin tone. So I’ve decided to let you in on a few of my colour choice secrets. In this post, I will detail how you can best dress for the skin tone you have. Always remember that choosing the right outfits every day is about more than looking good, it’s about feeling great with who you are.

Dressing For Warm Skin Tones

The easiest way to remember which colours suit warm skin tones is the word nature. Those of you with warm skin tones should always wear colours which reflect nature. Similar to celebrities Jessica Alba and Beyoncé, you need to look on the warmer side of the colour wheel. Reds, corals, oranges, yellows, and ambers are your go-to colours.  Similarly, warmer cool colours also being your skin tone to life. These include moss, and olive as well as red-violet and orchid.

When looking at the neutral colours best suited for your skin tone, you need to consider cappuccino, creams, greys, and taupe. If you have a warm skin tone, you’d do best by avoiding any overly cold colours such as ice blue. Additionally, you want to stay clear of any colours in the jewel tones. These include amethyst and sapphire. Icy cool colours and jewel colours will give your skin a grey tone.

Dressing For Neutral Skin Tones

Generally, those with neutral skin tones can wear anything colour on the colour wheel. If you have a neutral skin tone like Angelina Jolie or Julianne Moore you fall into a very exclusive club. While you can wear any colour, it is recommended that you opt for the more muted tones rather than the brighter side on the tones. These muted tones include the likes of jade greens, dusty pinks, pale yellows, and ocean blues.

Your neutral colour range should include coffee’s medium greys and black. The one colour which will fit your skin tone perfectly, every time, is true red. You’ll not only look amazing but you will feel amazing. Be careful of colours such as electric blue as these might very well overwhelm your skin tone.

Dressing for Cool Skin Tones

If you haven’t already figured it out, cooler skin tones, need to dress in colours which fall on the cooler side of the colour wheel. Think of celebs like Nicole Kidman. Your natural guide for dressing should be inspired by oceans and winter. To make the absolute best of your skin tone, colours such as emeralds and bright blues work best. You should also try darker purples and ice blues and pinks.

If you’re looking for warmer tones to wear, you can opt for rosy reds and ruby shades. And, if you’re leaning towards yellow, always make sure it’s a pale yellow. Do not be afraid to venture into the neutrals either, you’ll absolutely rock bright white, and cool grey. Avoid any bright earthy colours such as orange.

Colours Everyone Can Wear

There are a few colours which anyone can wear. These are the colours which do not clash with any skin tones and can, for the most part, be worn in both summer and winter. I’m talking about colours which act as neutrals but aren’t. They include teal and blush pink. Strangely, another colour in this spectrum is egg-plant purple.

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