We’re slowly moving from winter to spring and that means its time to dress for seasonal weather. And, if you missed the last week of September you may not have realised that winter is not completely gone just yet. Spring is the perfect time to start dressing in lighter fabrics, showing off a little more skin and pulling out those sandals. But, spring is also known for the odd chilly day.

Transitional weather doesn’t last forever so it is incredibly hard to make sure you’re prepared for it. As we saw with the last week of September, the weather can still change and when it does, it changes quickly. We are likely to experience this well onto October too so it’s always best to be prepared for seasonal weather.

Whether you’re heading to the office, out on a date or having fun with the family, you can never go wrong with these amazing seasonal weather closet ideas:

Slightly Warm

Transitional Seasonal weather is a great time to flaunt a light winter look with a splash of spring delight. Try pairing a traditional jumpsuit with open-toed ankle boots and light but a yet colourful coat. This look will be office and dinner ready, always. I strongly believe in having a coat in the closet for any occasion.

Swapping Winter

With the unpredictable weather during this time, I always make sure that I don’t pack away my winter clothes too soon.  This also gives me a great opportunity to play around with various outfit choices. I like to be prepared for any weather so pairing winter classics with spring flare is high on my list. Try switching out one of your thick winter jersey layers for a light spring top. This will always go a long way to ensuring comfort during this time. The same can be said for pairing a summer dress with long boots or a mid-length trench coat.

In the Trenches

A perfectly tailored trench coat will go with almost anything during this time. Throw on a light tee with a stylish pair of jeans and a pair of chic ankle boots for that flawless family fun day out look. Alternatively, pair your trench coat with classic black pants and a red handbag for the perfect seasonal changes in office attire.

Skirting Around

At this time of the year, we often forget about the power that a skirt has. The right skirt can help you blend in or stand out. For the office, try combining your pencil skirt with a light floral blouse, a pair of tights and blazer. Heading out for the day with the family? A simple summer skirt and a light jacket will work perfectly.

Let me help you find the perfect transitional seasonal clothing items. Book a fun, personalised consultation with me today and I’ll help you build the perfect wardrobe for any weather.