When we look at colours, red most definitely is the most striking of all. A pop of red has the ability to make a statement or add a little bright flare to a dull formal outfit. I like the idea of wearing red on a date and adding a splash of red to an evening outfit. But, as with anything in life, wearing red comes with a few rules. These rules for wearing red at not set in stone and should be used as more of a guideline for dressing to impress.

The Right Red

There is no single shade of red, and we can all be eternally grateful for this. When choosing the right red to wear you need to make sure that it complements your skin tone. A great rule to go by is that warmer skin tones should ideally be paired with coral, orange and tangerine variants of red. Cooler skin tones always do well with ruby, pink and berry red shades. Neutral skin tones work well with most shades of red.

The Business of Red

If you want to pull off a chic business formal look add a splash of red to a traditional white and black business outfit. When paired together properly a black pantsuit, white shirt and a dash of red will be incredibly striking. Try this by adding a red handbag or a pair of comfortable red shoes for your next business day. This incredible look will also work well for business lunches or formal dinners. The red in your outfit will give a little contrast which will come across as confidence.

Flaunting Red

Always pair red outfits with neutral colours. This is especially true if you’re opting for an outfit which features more red than a simple dash of colour. I simply love the idea of wearing a red dress because it speaks volumes. But I wouldn’t suggest pairing your red dress with red shoes and a red handbag. Rather opt for a classic black shoe and a black handbag to finish off the look.

Subtle Reds

Many people shy away from wearing red. And, this is perfectly fine too. If you’re one of these people but still feel as though you want to make a red-ish statement, why not pair your classic outfit with a red patterned piece. I find this works very well when wearing jeans or black pants. Choose a shirt with a delicate red pattern. Alternatively, you could also opt for one of the more muted red tones.

Blending Reds

Reds do not and I have to empathise this, they do not have to be paired with only black and white tones. Red shades work exceptionally well with silvers and mustard shades. What’s more, clashing colours are fashion trendy so don’t be afraid to mix your reds with pink tones. For a more subtle approach, try mixing your reds and maybe a light blue.

Let me help you perfectly pair your red outfit. Book an entertaining session with me today and let’s add a little colour to your life.