Highveld thunderstorms and summer rains are one of the best things about summer. But, we never want to put a damper on our summer styles either. There are a few things you can do to keep your style on point in summer while still being prepared for a little rain. Here are my top tips for keeping it stylish in rainy weather this summer:

Light Summer Dresses

I don’t think anything can be worse than walking around in rain-soaked jeans. If you’re expecting summer rains in the morning rather opt for wearing a dress to work. The lightweight fabric of the dress will dry out, much faster than jeans.

Up, Up Umbrella

Having a stylish umbrella at your desk or in your car is also a great idea. Additionally, the umbrella designs of today, including the bubble umbrella, ensure maximum coverage from downpours.

Add Colour

While rainy weather is perfect for staying in bed we all know we need to get to work. Take the opportunity to brighten up your day by adding a few colourful accessories to your outfit choice. Yellows, pinks, and reds will help you stand out against the dark blues and greys of the clouds. Another great way to add a pop of colour to a day of summer rains is to wear something with a light floral pattern.

Rainy Weather Layers

I love to layer clothes. It’s easy to take clothes off when they’re wet and hang them out while still looking amazing. Don’t be afraid to wear a light trench coat under your raincoat to give your summer rains outfit a little more depth.

Right Fabric Choices

I always encourage my clients to wear light clothing for rainy weather. The materials will dry quicker if you’re caught in a sudden downpour.  The clothes you choose for rainy days should also be practical. There’s really no use in wearing your new heels in the rain.

Avoid The Make-Up Runs

Waterproof make-up is an absolute must for the summer rains. I stock an amazing selection of imported Golden Rose cosmetics to suit most skin tones. Get in touch with me today to check out this gorgeous collection for summer. Additionally, I’ll be hosting my next workshop on make-up so be sure not to miss this one.