Dressing for hot weather is notoriously difficult. Your choice of outfit for the day will determine whether you remain cool, calm and collected during the day or whether you’ll be feeling a little hot under the collar. But, let’s face it hot summer weather can make you feel as though you are melting under your clothes. Many of my clients find that the hardest part of dressing for hot weather is staying stylish while looking effortlessly cool.

The key to dressing for warm weather is to take a look at the fabrics and the cuts of the clothes you choose. Here are my top tips for dressing just right in hot weather:

Make the Right Fabric Choice

The fabric you choose to wear will determine how hot you get on the day. Summer clothes made from linen and cotton are the top prize. These are classified as breathable materials. They will help you keep cool on even the hottest days. Cotton and linen are also non-restrictive and this will mean you won’t build up a sweat doing everyday things. I believe every woman needs to have a summery dress or skirt in their closet for those very hot days.

Hot Weather Colour Choices

The key thing to remember is that dark colours absorb heat. This means that when you’re making your outfit choices for hot weather you should always opt for light summer colours. Pastels, pinks, blues, and corals are wonderful light summer colours for hot weather. If these colours are not suited to your skin tone, be sure to take a look at wearing neutral colours such as whites, greys, and beiges. Dark colours and colours in the jewel tone on the spectrum attract light and will leave you feeling clammy and hot.

Opt For Loose-Fitting Clothes

During hot weather, skin-tight clothes will not allow your body to breathe. This will leave you feeling sweaty. As a rule, I always tell my clients that they should opt for clothes that are slightly looser fitting for hot days. This allows for a breathable layer between the clothing and the skin.

Skirts and Shorts

Depending on the day you might want to switch out those jeans for a pair of shorts or a skirt to help you stay cool. I love the idea of wearing a stunning shirt with a light blouse for work. Alternatively, try switching out those jeans for shorts when heading to a family fun day out. If you really have to wear pants, always choose an option made from cotton. The pants should also not be tight fitting.

Topping it off

When choosing the right top to wear in hot weather, always go for something sleeveless or something with a short sleeve. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a sleeveless top why not opt for one with a slight sleeve or flared sleeves. And again always choose a top which is made from breathable materials such as linen or cotton.

Hot Weather Accessories

What would the perfect hot weather outfit be without accessories? Accessories for hot weather will help you stay cool while keeping you looking stylish. Opt for a pair of sunglasses when heading out. You’ll be protecting your eyes and looking polished at the same time. And, when the occasion allows for it, throw on a hat to protect your face from the sun.

Let me help you get your summer wardrobe started. Book an exciting one-on-one consult with me today and let’s get you summer-ready.