I often get asked whether dark tones work in summer, I say yes, absolutely. While I’m really not much of a monotone person, I believe you can really make these colours work. And they can work very well, even in hot summer months. The most important thing in my books is to dress as unique as you are and to be comfortable doing just that.

Busting The Myths

Dark tones attract heat and keep heat. This is not exactly true. You can still wear dark colours and feel cool, calm and collected. Now, I’m not saying you need to head on out mid-heatwave in your top to toe thick winter darks and expect to not get hot. What I am saying is that your fabric choices matter. Light flowing fabrics, even in dark tones, can help you stay cool in summer.

Mixing It Up

Dark tones work exceptionally well with pastels and greys. Why not try swap your black tee for a grey one, or even light pink? This will help you look a little more bubbly, if this is what you are going for. Another great tip is to add a little floral finesse. By adding a little flowery pattern to the standard dark tones you completely liven up your entire outfit.

Add Some White

Monotones such as black and grey are perfectly paired with white to give them a colour boost without losing their appeal. A White dress shirt and black pants are classically effortless and can be worn to the office and more. Change up your black handbag for a burgundy shade and you’re ready for the day, or night.

Dark Tone Accessories

If you like your dark tones but really don’t fancy wearing them in summer, why not add them to your accessory list? Try pairing your darker shoes with lighter outfits, you can easily make this work by ensuring your handbag or necklace for the day match your outfit. Make sure you always have a balance to your outfit. If you’re wearing a bright summer dress and dark shoes you’re going to have to add something else to complement those shoes.

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