We are not all be into following high fashion trends. I personally don’t follow Hollywood trends and believe in having a few wardrobe essentials right at hand. This goes for every season. With just a few of the latest essentials, you can constantly change your look, depending on how you feel. Before we start, let’s take a look at what wardrobe essentials actually means and how they can benefit you.

If you’ve read my piece about creating a timeless wardrobe you will already have an idea of what wardrobe essentials are. These are items you can use in almost any outfit. They can be used to create a number of different looks for a variety of different occasions. Let me take you through a few summer wardrobe essentials I’ll swear by this summer:

The White T

I’m sure at this point you’re thinking, why a white t-shirt? And you’re right. It’s plain and it’s mundane. Really, it not the most glamorous piece you’ll have in your wardrobe. But, it will be one of your most valuable and versatile, I guarantee it! Your summer white tee can be paired with almost anything. I’m talking jeans, skirts, work outfits and even worn under a strappy midi dress.

The Denim Piece

Actually, I’m referring to the classic denim jacket. This is best worn on those mornings with a slight chill in the air or even when going for cocktails with the girls. Pair your denim jacket with a classic white skirt and it can be worn over your maxi dress. Whether you choose to dress your jacket up or down, you cannot go wrong with a denim jacket this summer. It’s definitely on my wardrobe essentials list this summer.

Classic Heeled Sandals

Summer sandals are an absolute must-have. Also, no one really needs an excuse to show off their feet in summer. When it comes to summer sandals I suggest investing in three wardrobe-essentials. Firstly, a pair of flats, strappy flats, these are great for pairing with dresses for the weekend. Then there’s the chunky heel. These work well with jeans and summer dresses. The third I’d recommend is classic heels and are perfect for wearing with your little black dress.

More Midi Less Mini

The mini skirt is so 1990’s the latest trends show more women are going for the Midi skirt. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. Not only is the midi skirt classically fashionable it is also versatile in every way. You’ll be surprised to know you can pair this essential wardrobe item with flats for the day and then throw on a pair of heels for dinner that evening. See effortless.

Tote It Up

Ah, here we get to the accessories for wardrobe-essentials. And, at the top of the list is the classic tote. These spacious handbags are great for carrying everything from sunscreen to a pair of flats when the heels get too much. Totes are great for a trip out with the family or a relaxing visit to the beach.

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