When it comes to summer style and summer styling your wardrobe, you cannot go wrong with a midi dress. I’m always in favour of flowing materials in bright summer shades. I also love perfectly picked out patterns. Traditionally, the summer style for the midi dress is a dress that falls around the mid-calf length.

Here are my hand-picked tips for choosing the right midi-dress, shopping for your next midi dress and how to perfectly accentuate your midi dress for your unique summer style:

The Right Length

One of the reasons I love the midi dress so much is that it is seasonally styled. The perfect midi dress can be worn throughout the year, with the right accessories. These dresses are so versatile because of their length. Pair your midi dress with a sun hat for a lazy day out or a formal jacket for the office. Your choices really are endless when you have the right midi dress in your clothing arsenal.

Summer Style Midi

The perfect summer midi dress will be made from lighter fabrics. You cannot falter with dresses in light cream, pink and even blue tones this summer. If you’d like to try something a little more daring some of the trendy colours for summer 2020 are greens, browns, and oranges. Your perfect summer style midi dress will also show off a little more skin and will often feature delicate straps.

The Formal Midi

Summer is a great time to pick out a few new formal midi dresses. These will feature more structured fabrics and will be available in neutral tones. Hint, hint, this is a great opportunity to find your new little black dress too. If you’re heading out to a more glammed up function, try something with a little sparkle. Some sequence or sequence detail will be absolutely perfect. Pair your formal midi with a pair of heels and with a matching handbag for the full effect.

Styling Your Midi

Here are a few of my quick midi styling tips to help you get ready for any occasion:

  • Pick out a dress either slightly below or above your mid-calf. This dress length actually creates the illusion of having a longer figure.
  • Choose light fabrics. Heavy fabrics tend to add weight. Not only to what you are wearing but also to your figure. I always recommend layered fabrics.
  • Solid colours for the win. Now, I’m not saying to choose one colour only. What I am saying though is if you’re going for a print make sure it’s the whole dress. If you’re going for a pattern make sure that it flows.
  • Wear heels. Heels were created to elongate the legs and work effortlessly to bring your midi dress look to life instantly. I love the idea of wearing the minimalistic two-strap summer heel sandal.

Let me help you find your unique summer style. Book an exciting one-on-one consult with me today.