I always advise my clients to rather spend a little more on clothes that are built to last. But buying quality clothing items means nothing if you’re not looking after your clothes the right way. Over the years I’ve built up quite a bit of knowledge on how to properly care for clothes. And, yes, not being one to keep my secrets all to myself, I’ll be sharing them with you.

Here are my top tips for looking after your clothes:

Delicately Deal With Delicates

I’m talking about underwear here. Bras are expensive items and you’ll be doing them no justice by throwing them in the washing machine with your Jeans. Your bra needs to be treated as a delicate clothing item. That means washing them by hand. Yes, even I’ve been lazy on occasion and they’ve ended up in the wash. But take it from me they’re never the same afterward. The harsh washing cycle of a machine damages the delicate elastics in the bra.

How to wash delicate clothing by hand:

  • First, you’ll need a basin full of cold water. I like to add in a little detergent or even shampoo.
  • Let your delicate items soak for about an hour.
  • Move it around a little every 20-minutes or so.
  • Gently rinse out the items and let them dry on a clothes horse.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and harsh chemicals.

Looking After T-Shirts

T-shirts are known for losing their shape after a few washes. And, it’s frustrating. But, with a few simple tips, you can keep your tees looking great for years. I always wash my t-shirts with similar colours and on a gentle wash cycle. Stains should be treated with a gentle cleaning agent and I avoid rough scrubbing and ringing of my shirts. Whenever possible I lay my t-shirts to dry flat instead of pinning them to a washing line. Never put your t-shirts on a hanger, this forces the fabric down and stretches the shirt.

Stubborn Stains

It happens to the best of us. You’re out to lunch and you spill on your new clothes. These things happen and they can happen anywhere. The key to getting rid of even the toughest stains is to act quickly. My go-to stain minimising tip is a cloth and cold water applied as soon as the stain happens. This will prevent permanent damage to your clothing. Don’t rub the stain, rather press the wet cloth to the stain and repeat until the stain has lifted.

Here are a few quick tips to help remove stains:

  • Leave the stained clothing item to soak in water overnight then wash it.
  • For ink stains simply wet the area again with cold water and press down on the stain with a damp cold cloth.
  • Dirt stains should be treated with a mild detergent. Let the item soak for a few hours or overnight and then wash it.
  • Treat Tomato sauce stains from the back of the stain. This way you are actually pushing the stain out instead of into the fabric.

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