For many of us, choosing the perfect swimsuit is a tough task and often a very sore topic. Some of my clients find choosing the right swimsuit to be easy and others struggle. I always say, when you know your body and you know what you like, finding the perfect swimsuit will be a summer walk on the beach. That’s right; you really don’t have to stand in a small changing cubical trying on swimsuit after swimsuit.

Here is my ultimate guide to finding the perfect swimsuit:

Your Bust

If you have a fuller chest you’ll want to make the best of it. Always try to choose a swimsuit top that moderately covers your chest. This will also help accentuate your bust. Swimsuits with thicker straps and a little underwire will offer you extra support. I also love that those with larger busts can pull of V-necked swimsuits. Try to stay well away from flimsy tops and those with extra padding.

If you have a smaller chest you will want to look for a swimsuit that enhances your bust. Opt for a swimsuit with a little extra padding. There are a number of variants you can choose from including push-up, padded and added lift. Horizontal lines and ruffles are your best friend! These will give the illusion that you have a bigger chest. Try to stay away from swimsuits with flat triangle shapes.

Your Shape

Those with a fuller figure should always opt for brighter colours in areas that they want to highlight and darker colours for the areas they want to draw attention away from. If you want to create an illusion of having a longer torso, head right on over to the prints section of the store.  If, on the other hand, you have little to no curves you will need to find a swimsuit that enhances both your bottom and top. For the top, try lines, patterns, and ruffles. For the bottoms, ruffles, belts, and skirts are a must.

Your Torso

If you have a short torso, you are going to have to look for a swimsuit that gives the appearance that you have a longer torso. To get the illusion of having a longer torso, opt for a one-piece suit. And, even better, a one-piece suit with an asymmetrical design. Designs and patterns on the front of the swimsuit will also make your torso look longer than it is.

If you have a long torso and want to give the illusion that it is shorter you need to make sure that you have a perfect swimsuit that breaks up your top and bottom. Opt for swimwear which is two-toned. Additionally, you can also go for brighter colours. These will give the illusion that your torso is shorter.

Your Figure

Choosing swimwear for this summer does not have to be a drag. The one you choose should show off your best assets. You can only do this once you have fully embraced your unique body shape. When you know what your body shape is you can dress it in the most flattering way possible.

Let me help you discover your body shape and let me help you dress to suit your unique appearance. Contact me today for a fun one-on-one consult.