Wearing pink tones gives off a sense of love, softness, and friendliness. I always find that I look and feel more cheery when I don a little pink for the day. I also always tell my clients that they can never go wrong with a little pink in their wardrobes. Having said this, however, pink can sometimes be a little difficult to pair with other colours. Additionally, it is also easy to go overboard when choosing to wear pink.

For many pink and pink tones are a go-to colour choice. Pink is also rather trendy at the moment so you really can’t go wrong with a few pink pieces. Everything from subtle pink tones to brighter statement pieces and makeup should be well thought out. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of wearing pink we need to understand the phycology behind the colour.

Tickled Pink

The psychology of colours suggests that people and their moods are influenced by the colours that others wear. The colour you choose to wear also impacts the way you will feel throughout the day. Pink is seen as a calming colour. Those who wear pink are associated with kindness and love. The colour is also seen to be very feminine. Pink tones especially the lighter ones are associated with love and tenderness. Pink is best suited for those working with children.

Here are a few of my best tips for putting together the perfect pink outfit:

Paring Pink Tones

Pink on its own is a stunning colour. But, many of my clients have had problems in the past with perfectly pairing pink with other colours. I always advise those opting for a gentle or statement pink to pair it with other more neutral colours. This means wearing a bright or light pink shirt with a denim skirt or jeans. Another great option is to pair pink tones with beige and whites. I also love the idea of wearing a pink jacket with a simple maxi dress to add a little flair to everyday office attire.

Pink and Contrasting Colours

The question many people ask me about wearing pink is whether it can be paired with contrasting colours. The answer is yes, absolutely! But, you need to be very careful. I wouldn’t pair bright pink and shocking reds. But, I would pair pinks with yellow and silver. These are just two examples of playing on wearing pink tones with contrasting colours without the two colours clashing.

The Pink Dress

If you’ve caught any of my articles in the Bedfordview and Edenvale News you will have seen they often use a picture of me wearing a pink dress. This is because wearing a pink dress is simply the best and easiest way to get the most out of wearing pink. Pink dresses are versatile. You can pair your pink dress with neutral coloured accessories and shoes. If you want to really make an impression go ahead and get that bright pink dress.

Moderate Pink

It is important to remember that pink tones are best worn with the less is more philosophy. If you’re choosing to wear a pair of pink pants then it’s best to avoid the pink top. When you opt for a pink shirt try not to wear a pink jacket or pants. And, if you feel that your outfit needs a little more spunk, rather throw on those pink shoes.

Do not hesitate to contact me today for a fun one-on-one consultation and we’ll work to find your perfect pink.