Summer is really here. It feels like only yesterday we packed away those thick winter jackets. For me, one of the best parts of summer is the maxi dress. The maxi dress is a long, flowing floor-length dress made from a light material. They are perfect for hot summer days and ensure you stay cool even when the temperatures are soaring. As with many other items in the wardrobe, the maxi dress comes in a variety of cuts and styles.

It is important to get the right dress for your body shape. When putting together perfectly, the maxi dress outfit you can be assured that you will be cool and comfortable all while looking chic and well put together. Here is everything you need to know about wearing a maxi dress this summer:

Perfectly Fitting

We all have different body shapes. We also all have parts of our bodies which we like to highlight. When you know what you like, it’s easy to find the maxi dress which is the most flattering for your body shape. If you have an hour-glass or slightly curvy figure, you want the dress to show off your curves. Opt for a dress which is a little more form-fitting around the areas you want to highlight.

Those with a straighter figure should consider wearing dresses that can be worn with a belt. If you have a larger bust should opt for dresses that cinch the waist to create definition. To create the illusion of having a bigger chest, choose dresses with longer necklines. Empire wasted dresses, on the other hand, are also perfect for creating curves.

Colours and Prints

Prints and colours of maxi dresses will affect the way each person can wear one. This will be much the same as choosing the right dress for your body shape.  Those with petite or straight bodies should ideally opt for dresses featuring smaller and more delicate prints. Alternatively, if you do fall in the petite category, solid colours work very well.

If you are leaning toward slightly curvy to curvy, you can play around with larger patterns and prints. Solid colours are also your friend. When choosing a solid colour dress, make sure that you choose one which flatters your skin tone. Here is a guide to finding your skin tone and here is one to help you match colours to your skin tone.

Length is Important

The length of the dress you choose will also play an important role in how you pull it off. You need to know that not all maxi dresses are made equal. They are available in a variety of lengths from floor-skimming to foot skimming. The length of the dress you choose will ensure that you are not falling over it as you walk.

The right Maxi Dress will:

  • Touch the top of your toes
  • Must at least reach your ankles

Let me help you find the right dress to suit your skin tone and body shape. Book and exciting one-on-one consult with me today.