Confidence Boosting is not something that comes naturally. Even Hollywood’s most famous often struggle with confidence. It’s really no secret then that so do I; and you will too. But thankfully there are a few easy things we can all do to give ourselves a confidence boost. And, the secret is appreciation.

Confidence Boosting Starts with You

Stop for a moment to appreciate you. Think about it; your body is amazing. You might not like it or think that others don’t like it, but look at where it has brought you. Think about all the amazing things your body does daily. Everything from your brain to your fingers and legs all plays an important role in your life. It’s about time we start appreciating our body’s a little more.


What was the last thing you said to yourself? Was it something nice? Confidence boosting is no good if the inner conversation you have with, well you, is not positive. Very often we tend to put ourselves down without even knowing it. Subconsciously we break ourselves down and we don’t even give it a second thought. It’s time to change the way we talk to ourselves. Start saying healthy things. “Yes I can do this”, “It’s a good job” or “well done” goes a long way in confidence-boosting.

Body Language

The way you carry and present who you are is important. And, it all comes down to your body language. Sitting up straight at work won’t only help you feel better; it will also show others that you are more confident in what you are doing. With correct posture also comes correct breathing. When you’re having moments of less confidence you’ll also notice that you slouch more. This will shallow your breathing and cause your head to hang. The great thing about our bodies is that we have the power to control how it moves. If we catch ourselves slouching, we can pull ourselves back upright.

Power Pose

We are all strong. Finding inner strength is a powerful confidence booster. It is also a very deep way to connect with confidence. Adopting a power pose allows you to connect with yourself at times when you are feeling down. Your power pose could be anything from a yoga pose to your unique pose to show yourself that you are in control of how you feel. The goal of having a power pose is to remind us that we are strong at times when we don’t feel too strong.

Confidence boosting is not something that will happen overnight. I’m here to help you. Contact me on  and let’s find your power.