Date night is the perfect chance to catch up with your significant other, spend some quality time together and rekindle the romance. What you wear on your date night is a reflection of how you feel. Going on a date is about looking and feeling great. You don’t need to dress to impress, but you’ll also want to feel your best.

The perfect date night outfits are based on where you’ll be going for the night. For instance, you won’t want to wear your best heels for a trip to the bowling alley and you’ll also want to take things up a notch when visiting a fine dining restaurant. In this blog, I’ll take you through some of my favourite date night outfit choices so that you can avoid the date wardrobe panic.

The Coffee Date

My best advice would be a casual dress or a nice top and a pair of jeans. Comfort is the key and you’ll perfectly pull off that, “I just threw this together” look. Opt for smaller heels or a nice pair of sneakers to complement your look and you are set to go. If the weather is a little on the chilly side, opt for a light jersey or jacket to go with your outfit.

The Dinner Date

Get ready for something a little more formal. Your standard Little Black Dress is an effortless choice paired with the right accessories. Stay away from anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you can’t walk in those new heels, leave them at home. If you find that you won’t be able to breathe in that dress don’t put it on. Depending on the venue, you might be able to wear skinny jeans, a stunning top, wedges, and a light jacket. For the more formal look, opt for a flowing midi dress and a nice pair of heels in black or nude

Clothing Rules

As far as possible, before you go out to make sure that you’ve checked out the place you’ll be going. Get a feel for what you’ll be in for. Is it dressy, is it casual or is it fun? Always be comfortable with your wardrobe choice. I believe in letting the location of the date guide my choices for the night or day. If the venue is smart or you’re heading to the ballet, don’t wear your casuals and if you’re going to a theme park, heels should be out of the question.

Date Night Don’t

Don’t overdo your make-up, keep it natural and neutral. Avoid showing excessive skin and try to stay away from excessively trendy outfit choices. The perfect date night outfit is about balance. Not too flashy and not too much skin. If you’re opting for a short dress, pair it with lower heels. And, if you’re going for a daring low cut top, a pair of chic jeans will work wonders. Don’t rush getting ready. Make sure you have everything ready well in advance. When you feel rushed, you’ll look rushed.

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