Your daily clothing choices say a lot about how you feel, your personality and your emotive language. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll have noticed I covered this before when I decoded the science behind colour science. Since then I receive numerous requests to unpack a little more detail about colour choices.

In this blog, I’ll tackle the subject from the angel of how others subconsciously see you by the colour choices you make every day.

Confidence and Loyalty

When your colour choices are blue others see you as loyal, confident, successful and at peace. Blue can be found on the cool side of the colour wheel and is seen as a soothing colour. People who see you in blue will feel more comfortable around you. Darker blues are great for job interviews and training events. Blues work exceptionally well with white tones, red and pink shades.

Bold and Sexy

Red invokes emotions of love, passion, boldness and strength in others. People who wear red are seen to be energetic and outspoken as well as aggressive and strong-willed. Red stands out of the crowd and is great for wearing on a date and to a business function. When wearing red, try to tone down your accessories in neutral shades or metallics.

Kind and Feminine

Wearing pink shows others that you are kind, soft, and affectionate and you appreciate and place value on others who show kindness and comfort. When you wear pink others also see you are non-tolerant to violence and cruelty. Pink tones, work exceptionally well with dark neutral colours.

Energetic and Happy

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness. When you wear yellow, you uplift the moods of everyone around you. Wearing yellow means yellow others see you as chatty, friendly, creative, active and feminine. When you choose to wear yellow to work you’ll feel emotionally boosted. Wearing yellow can also improve your concentration. Yellow and Green work well to bring life to any environment.

Luxury and Elegance

When you want to come across as elegant and luxurious you should opt for wearing black. Black is timeless, classy and well-loved. Wearing black gives others a sense of that you have power and are an authority figure. Those in leadership positions will often choose to wear black. Black goes with almost anything, for a date choose silver accessories. For work try pairing black with pink or red.

Soft and Sincere

If you want others to see you as sincere and approachable, wear green. Green is soothing and relaxing and others around you will feel it instantly. Wearing green says that you are soft-hearted and caring. You’re also seen as social, connected with nature and mindful of others around you when you wear green.

Optimistic and Pure

White is the colour of purity, optimism, simplicity, and innocence. When you wear white, you’ll be seen as someone people can easily talk to and someone reliable and honest. Those who wear white are refreshing to others. Pair whites with blues, purples, and pinks for the best results.

Charming and Royal

Wearing purple gives others the sense that you are wealthy and are sophisticated. Your personality is seen to be creative, confident and insightful. Purple’s work well with white and coral shades. When choosing to wear purple accessorise with black, silver, burgundy and even blue.

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